The Medical Missionary Medic Training Course is almost ready!

                That’s it!  I’ve had enough, I quit!  Yes, I quit procrastinating about the promised Correspondence Course.  It‘s here, finally.  Your request for the FREE Correspondence Medical Missionary Training Course is close enough to being ready, I can’t hold it from the public any longer; here it is.  First let me explain myself; I’ve met scores of faithful Christians with burning desires to accomplish something grand for The Lord.

Most  have confessed to me their desire to be trained in the Medical Missionary Field but was terrified by the thought of quitting their current jobs, going off somewhere and paying literally thousands of dollars for tuition, room and board and other logistical cost without any job, source of income or any other means of support. Yet, the burden to do God’s Work remained on their heart.

The Lord God of heaven has compelled me to combat, attack and resolve this problem, and by God’s Amazing Grace, that is exactly what I’m about to do.  Here is how the Course will operate.

Wait, wait just a minute; almost everyone that I know, think than they must possess great skills in our current health care system (actually, it’s really a sick care system) people believe that the Doctors and Nurses are the main characters in the Medical Missionary Work, that’s true!  That’s true in the current church sponsored system in operations right now, but I’m getting ready to set an explosive charge to that false concept and reveal God’s True Program.  If you have followed me this far, wonderful, now get ready for a Revelations From The Lord.  Read this next paragraph and digest it.

There is to be a sanitarium in Australia, and altogether new methods of treating the sick are to be practiced. Drug medication must be left out of the question if the human physician would receive the diploma written and issued in heaven. There are many physicians who will never receive this diploma unless they learn in the school of the great Physician. This means that they must unlearn and cast away the supposed wonderful knowledge of how to treat disease with poisonous drugs. They must go to God’s great laboratory of nature, and there learn the simplest methods of using the remedies which the Lord has furnished. When drugs are thrown aside, when fermented liquor of all kinds is discarded, when God’s remedies–sunshine, pure air, water, and good food–are used, there will be far fewer deaths and a far greater number of cures. {16MR 247.1}

Now, are you ready, now do you understand that The Lord God is not a respecter of persons and neither am I.  Whatever you have, just be willing to be willing to be used by Jesus; you’ve got a PhD great, you’ve got a GED fantastic; frankly, I can care less, with all that said, let’s get started.

The official name of the training course is: “The Medical Missionary Medic” Training Course. It will consist of listening/viewing/studying and understanding the 10 DVD’s and 10CD’s; review in great detail all workbooks and supportive materials. Be careful to take notes because these roadmaps will be what you take to the people, house to house and you will find that Jesus will lead you to many, many people dying for the help that you will be providing. Your notes will be most important when taking the open notes final exam required for completion.

Once you’ve listened and studied numerous times to each of the 10 DVD’s and 10 CD’s, you will be required to write to me and explain the basic protocols that you are now prepared to help people in their quest for wellness.  After completing this part, you will need to complete assignments in the Divine-Healing-Boot-Camp Training Manual; you will be required to study it with extreme care, demonstrate to me a level of basic understanding and I will rush to you your credentials and commission you to join the battlefield.

Monroe Trotter
Landline: 423-290-8680
Mobile: 423-615-0206

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How Do You Get Cancer?

Millions of people from all around the world ask themselves and others, “How do you get cancer?” According to very intelligent scientific and research minded individuals such as Col. Joe Hart and Ms. Jennifer Prescott, their answer is simple and the same; a lack of a therapeutic amount of Oxalic Acid in the body!

Colonel Joe Hart of Arkansas has been granted three patents for the application of oxalic acid for treatment of cancer, bacterial and viral infections, and vascular diseases. You may read text of his patent on-line:

Joe Hart’s websites is

Jennifer Prescott after her own investigation concluded that oxalic acid is the cure for cancer: “Research reveals there is one common denominator in the foods known as great antioxidants. They are all high in oxalic acid.”

“Oxalic acid is needed by our body for many functions…. and that is why Oxalic Acid is one of the main components in Divine Healing.1.358046103.768916

 The Divine Healing Boot-Camp Lifestyle program has always and will continue to recommend several glasses of raw vegetable juices daily; all of the successful Lifestyle Centers do the same.  However, the Divine Healing Boot-Camp Lifestyle Program personnel understands the sometimes difficult and costly approach to obtaining organic vegetables, cleaning and preparing them for juicing, buying a juicer and all of the cleanup work associated with juicing is sometimes overwhelming.

I know a man who loves The Lord and has a passion for herbs; he has compiled three herbal and or vegetable combinations that just might be the answer to prayer for those needing the Oxalic Acid benefits of juicing but would like to avoid all of the negative aspects of juicing that I mentioned above.  You’ll find these products just to the right of this page. 

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The Ultimate Blood Purifying Tea

The Ultimate Blood Purifying Tea being about 100 percent liquid is about 90 percent usable by the blood. These are some of God’s most powerful, yet simple herbs. Yellowdock contains plant based Oxalic Acid, with the herbs from the land and the ocean containing more than 92 minerals. It is the minerals that carry food into the cells and carry the waste out of the cells leaving them healthier and happier. This formula would be our first choice. Just put one rounded teaspoon per cup of Distilled or Reverse Osmoses Water (4 teaspoons per quart of water)(work up to 4 cups of tea a day). Bring water to a boil and turn off stove and let the tea steep (sit) for about one hour (60 minutes). Strain and enjoy!

4 oz. Tea $20 8 oz. Tea $30 1 lb. Tea $50

Contains: Yellowdock Root, Bladderwrack (kelp), Flax Seed, Anise Seed, Irish Moss, Stevia, Pau d’ Arco.

Great for the thyroid, balancing hormones for weight control, high in minerals for cancer, cleansing blood of abnormal cells, etc.

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The Ultimate Blood Purifying Powder Mix

The Ultimate Blood Purifying Powder Mix would be our second choice if you do not have time to make tea or on the road a lot. Spinach and Beet along with the Yellowdock contain Oxalic Acid. This formula also contains both land and ocean herbs containing more than 92 minerals. Just mix one rounded teaspoon (one level tablespoon) into about 4 ounces (half a glass) of Distilled or Reverse Osmosis Water. Let sit for about 10 minutes, mix again and enjoy! You may chase this with more liquid or juice.

Contains: Spinach, Beet, Irish moss (Kelp), Stevia, Yellowdock, Bladderwrack (Kelp), Fenugreek, Nettle and Vanilla.

8 oz. Powder $30

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The V-12 Vegetable Powder Mix

The V-12 Vegetable Powder Mix would be our choice to go a long with “The Ultimate Blood Purifying Tea”.  Spinach and Beet Powder containing Oxalic Acid with 10 other wonderful herbs that God created make this a wonderful tasting drink or topping to salad, etc. These very strong tasting herbs have been balanced with others to make them taste pleasant.  Drink additional water if desired.

Contains: Spinach, beet, bromelain (from the pineapple plant), peppermint, tumeric, cream of tartar (from grape), parsley leaf, asparagus, bladderwrack (kelp), chaparral, stevia, vanilla bean

8 oz. Drink Mix $30

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