Medical Missionary Medic Home Study Correspondence Course

     It’s Time To Tell The Truth About:

  • Why Many Drug Medications are so Dangerous!
  • How to Get off Drugs and Get on Herbs!
  • How to Save Thousands of Dollars on Your Medications!


  • INSURANCE AND DOCTOR VISITS BECOMES MUCH TOO EXPENSIVE! (They are already too expensive for many!) (Praise GOD! I have the answer!)
  • YOU ARE NO LONGER ABLE TO AFFORD YOUR DRUG MEDICATIONS! (Some are spending hundreds of dollars monthly!)


This notice is being sent out to those persons who I consider as seekers of better health!

I am compelled to update everyone on the most revolutionary training on earth.  Learning how to care for yourself, your family and your community has never been more important than it is today.  Being taught how to use natural remedies and gain a greater understanding on how to use Herbs and how to combat Ebola and other conditions must be obtained now.  Not later, but now! How would you like to hear how to completely handle most major medical conditions.  You will no longer be afraid of: Cancer, Arthritis, High Blood Pressure, Asthma, Diabetes, Constipation and 30 or 40 other major medical conditions.  Praise God!  My course offers the total solution!  Imagine listening to a CD as the speaker explains about your specific problem.  Priceless!

IS IT POSSIBLE? – Is it possible to take a class for under $100.00 and become a Master Herbalist?  Not really!  But, it is possible to take a Home-Study Correspondence Module 1 for only $85.00 and become knowledgeable enough about a group of diseases that you would be able to replace God’s Healing Herbs for those Dangerous Drug Medications with all of those harmful side-effects!  Imagine all of the money to be saved!

Have You Heard? – The finest Medical Missionary Medic (Special Forces) Correspondence Course has been created and it cost the student between 700% & 900% less than the current training programs being conducted all across America.  This Training Program was created and designed in heaven and I have the proof.  For details: Read-On!


Medical Missionary “MEDIC” (Special Forces)  Home-Study Correspondence Course

The course consists of an Intro CD and five (5) Modules.

Module # 1 Takes the student into another world as it relates to God’s Healing Herbs.  When you complete this section, the student will possess knowledge and expertise that will make him/her most valuable to their family and friends and their entire community.  The danger will be; the student will be convinced that they need no further training.  The student will believe that they are now Master Medical Missionary Medic’s.  These 10 CD’s will be converted by the student in to  “Road-Maps To Wellness” for most medical conditions. Module # 1 – 10 CDs $85

Every student must start here.  Send full name and address to: Time Tell Truth, P.O. Box 1180 Collegedale, TN 37315.  Include $85.00 Check or Money Order.  Anyone may take this Module even if they do not plan to take the entire course.

Module #2 Back to Adam Workbook; Student will examine one hundred (100) or more protocols on all major diseases, portions will be used in the creation of “Road-Maps To Wellness” to be used by the students. This will become one of your most treasured documents and will be most valuable in your quest to become an agent for The Lord as He uses you to direct people to Divine Healing. Module # 2 – Back to Adam Workbook $75

Module #3 is (6) DVD’s, a total of twelve lecture learning experiences that you will never forget. Students will receive an in-depth study of body systems and gather an extensive understanding of why natural remedies that the Lord approves of work and how they actually promote healing. You have never been taught this way. This DVD Module is perhaps the greatest demonstration of teaching that I have ever witnessed. Everybody will gain an outstanding understanding of the body! Module # 3 – 6 DVDs $140

Module #4 is a collection of books to be studied on Hydrotherapy; Charcoal Therapy and Raw Juice Therapy. The student will learn how to use Food, Water and Charcoal to combat disease and promote healing from God. Module # 4 – Hydrotherapy, Charcoal Juice Therapy Books $50

Module #5 is vital information needed by the student in the field of: Colloidal Silver, Food Grade H2O2, Rebounding, Skin Brushing, Grounding/Earthing and other materials necessary to complete your training and prepare you to become a most outstanding Medical Missionary Medic!  Total cost FREE!  I cannot charge, this is not my job, it’s my ministry! I promised God!(Free Will Offering Welcomed) Module # 5 – Colloidal Silver, Food Grade H2O2, Rebounding, Skin Brushing, Grounding info $0

Get all 5 modules: Complete Medical Missionary Medic Home Study Correspondence Course $350

CD Presentation by Monroe Ammon Trotter, Medical Missionary Medic; Student will receive an overview and complete instructions regarding the Medical Missionary Medic Home Study Correspondence Course!

Total cost for our complete training course $350.00
Total cost for almost all other training programs $4,000.00

In my travels, I have met genuine Christian men and women who have a burden to serve The Lord in Missionary Work but were unable to leave their jobs, leave their families, leave their homes and go somewhere and be trained at a cost of several thousands of dollars; come home after training without employment and then ask God why?  This Medical Missionary “MEDIC” Home Study Correspondence Course is the Solution From Heaven.  Enroll Today and may The Lord Jesus Christ richly bless you in your quest for wellness and your desire to be a vital help to those around you.  This is my prayer for each and every one of you!  Monroe Ammon Trotter, Founder

My name is Monroe Ammon Trotter and I had no choice, I had to create this Medical Missionary MEDIC (God’s Special Forces) Home-Study Correspondence Course. I lost my Father, Uncle and Brother to cancer.  Recently, I lost my dear Sister-in-Law of 46 years to cancer.  I’ve had cancer myself seven (7) times; in October, 2011, I lost my bladder, prostate, appendix, 14 lymph nodes and a portion on my intestines to cancer surgery.  I hate cancer and all other diseases and now you know why.  My driving force is to help others to become well!

I would like to take just a few minutes to formally introduce myself.  I know that here in America, when we come together to listen to someone or read what someone has stated, we normally insist that the presenter has at least, several letters at the end of their name; well I don’t!

This Home-Study Correspondence Course is not about me and what I am able to do or what I’ve already accomplished; this Vital Training is about God and what He is willing and able to do.  I do realize that potential students do have a right to have some idea of the knowledge and skill set of the presenter and for that reason I shall briefly share my Education, Experience and Expertise.

I dropped out of high school in the 11th grade, my first job as a garbage truck helper, after six months of riding on the back of the truck, I quit. Next, I joined the United States Naval Service; the Navy spent several hundred thousand dollars giving me the very best electronics education available, which allowed me to serve on a nuclear submarine.  Later I converted to become a military medic; after Hospital Corpsman School, I was given the opportunity to challenge the RN Board exams for the state of Michigan. During the Vietnam Conflict Military Medics were known to split open the chest cavities of wounded Marines and conduct cardiac massage right there on the battle field in order to save them; that is the level of their skills. Military Medics are among the most trained medical people in the world!  I’m not trying to be a ND, RN or anything; I’m a Medical Missionary!

Duke University created the first Physician’s Assistance “PA” program in the nation for these returning highly trained veterans.  That is why, I was slightly offended when I was offered to take the RN Board exam, and I thought that being a nurse was well below my skill set.  I had a similar experience with the ND plans.

Later I was trained at the world’s leading education and training facility for “Bio-Medical Equipment Maintenance Facility” in Denver Colorado.

I spent twenty (20) years in the United States Military, many of those years in the Medical Community.  When my Naval Service ended; I worked in the medical department of a prison, treating thousands of inmates (residents) with traditional allopathic medicine.  After six years of loving, hating and being fearful of needle sticks or responding to violent fights where the HIV blood components was often present.  I cheerfully closed that chapter of my life.  I have been blessed with an understanding of how medicine is practiced here in America as compared with the rest of the world and I’ve been blessed with a college education as well.

After prison (as an employee, thank God!) In September, 1997, my family and I moved from Memphis to Metro Chattanooga, Tennessee.  I have always thought that there had to be another way, perhaps a way that Our Creator would approve of, in dealing with sickness, pain, suffering and dying.  After much prayer, I was impressed to visit the Wildwood Hospital and Lifestyle Center in Georgia.  Meeting with personnel that loved God and had developed a great deal of expertise in the field of Natural Remedies convinced me to enroll in their Lifestyle Educator & Counseling Course.  I graduated in June of 1998, ready to meet the challenges of a sick world that depended upon a health care system (actually, a sick care system) that focused on corrective measures using drugs, tests and surgical procedures. I had no idea that The Lord was preparing me for something.

In October, 2002, my entire life changed!  I received my first diagnosis of cancer!  Using the knowledge obtained from my almost 30 years of education, training and experiences; The Lord directed me to contact institutions and persons of great skill in the arena of natural remedies for cancer, places such as:

Dr. Max Gerson & Charlotte Creator of The Gerson Therapy program; Dr. George Malkmus, Creator of Hallelujah Diet program; Dr. Lorraine Day, Creator of Cancer Doesn’t Scare Me; and many, many others.  I was able to utilize portions of each.  Now I must share this priceless information with each and every student so that they can utilize and share this knowledge with their family, friends and entire neighborhoods. Can you imagine helping loved ones with diabetes, high blood pressure, migraines, arthritis, non-healing skin sores and other disease issues.

This knowledge that I obtained from Wildwood and numerous other institutions from all around the world had to be shared; I couldn’t keep it to myself and I knew that The Lord wanted me to provide this life saving info without concerns of money, profit or cost!  All Students must be prepared to share this vital truth!

It is now clear to me; The Lord God has been preparing me for something far greater than I had in the past.  He was preparing me to create the most dynamic Home-Study training program in the world whereby people in need would be able to position themselves to be healed by God, without worrying about money.

The student will be taught how to position themselves and others to be Divinely Healed.  During the lifetime of Jesus Christ, here on earth, people walked near to Him, were brought near to Him or He walked near to them.  When they met, if they had a need for healing and had sufficient faith, they were healed.  This Medical Missionary Medic Course is designed to use The Lord’s methods. He didn’t care about copays, deductibles and second opinions and neither do I.

Each participant is invited to develop a vibrant, trusting and loving relationship with The Divine Healer.  Throughout the entire Holy Bible The Great God of creation has always cared for and healed His creation; however, the promises of healing has been, is and will continue to be conditional.  Comply with the conditions and then with full confidence, faith and trust, claim the promises of Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior.  It’s just that simple!  The problem however is, we don’t know what the promises are, nor do we know the details of the conditions.  We must learn them, know them and claim them!  Jesus is waiting!

Help me spread the word; Jesus is The Great Physician and He is still in the Healing Business.  I have the evidence, View:

This entire course is designed to expose the student to many of the components that will make him/her the most valuable person in their neighborhood.  Each module has been designed by God to be of the greatest value to each student.  May God richly bless and reward each of you in your quest for wellness for yourselves and for all those around you, is my prayer!  Below is a list of the components which will be discussed and explained in addition to enhancing your knowledge of Herbs to a whole new level.  This is my guarantee and promise!

  1. Trust In God, This is a most important step as we position ourselves to be ready for Divine Healing.  Divine Healing candidates must know The Divine Healer!
  2. Deep Breathing, out of doors if possible and as near of an evergreen tree; the air is Negatively Charged.  The proper method will be demonstrated.  Powerful!
  3. Mega-Juicing, This is the only way to obtain all of the nutrition needed to remain healthy; we can impact any disease condition with proper nutrition. You will discover which foods heal and which foods kill.
  4. Rebounding on a mini trampoline, plus other forms of movement, such as walking and gardening, this is part of the immune system empowerment plan!
  5. Hydro-Therapy, Sauna Baths, Contrast Showers and Fever Baths.  This is Detoxification and Immune System Charging at its best. You’ve got to learn this!
  6. Bowel Management, Learning which Herb and Foods are used to promote daily bowel movements is of the greatest importance. Detoxification or Disease!
  7. Earthing/Grounding, this is vital to circulation, the greatest secret to health!
  8. Sun Bathing and Skin Brushing for Immune System empowerment.
  9. Greater Knowledge of God’s Herbs that He gave for the healing of His People.  We are going to teach the world how to substitute herbs for dangerous drugs.  You will discover what the “Sick-Care System” really doesn’t’ want you to learn!

With the help of supporters from all around the world this ministry is teaming up with Pastors and Community Leaders who seek greater health. Below is a listing of the “It’s Time To Tell The Truth Ministries

The OBibleCare VS ObamaCare component offers the public real Godly Health Assurance with Seminars/Workshops providing life-saving valuable information.

The HopeMobile component will go door to door, community to community, with practical natural remedies designed to combat disease with real solutions.

The Medical Missionary Medic Home Study Correspondence Training Course component offers the general public the very best training and expertise in treating illnesses in the manner which Jesus approves, with herbs and remedies.

The Virtual Wellness Center component is prepared to take the virtual clinic to the entire internet world; anyone may come to the clinic from the comforts of their own homes. (Also Get Ready for “Health Care” on the Radio.)

The Cancer Camp component will travel all around America providing information, education and expertise to all attendees regarding cancer.  People will never fear cancer again after attending this camp.

The Divine Healing Boot-Camp component offers everyone the opportunity to have their very own Road-Map to Wellness protocol for their medical condition.

Please view the following web sites:
youtube: divinehealingbootcamp.

Monroe Ammon Trotter (423)290-8680 Email:

I don’t care what method you use, just contact me!

“Notice to Students”

Upon successful completion of all five (5) Modules; the student will be presented with:

  • Their Diploma which will be proof, documenting their great accomplishment.
  • Their Credentials, commissioning their ministry.
  • Membership into the “International Association of Medical Missionary MEDIC’s.
  • A complete list of all Road-Maps to Wellness (Protocols) for thirty (30) to forty (40) diseases.
  • A Complete Disclaimer/Consent form for Legal Protection.
  • A Questionnaire / Self-Evaluation form for Research Data Collection.

 There is a great satisfaction in accomplishing something as great as this correspondence course; your family will be proud and you will be most grateful that you did it!

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Boasting on God – Monroe Trotter

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The Medical Missionary Medic Training Course is almost ready!

                That’s it!  I’ve had enough, I quit!  Yes, I quit procrastinating about the promised Correspondence Course.  It‘s here, finally.  Your request for the FREE Correspondence Medical Missionary Training Course is close enough to being ready, I can’t hold it from the public any longer; here it is.  First let me explain myself; I’ve met scores of faithful Christians with burning desires to accomplish something grand for The Lord.

Most  have confessed to me their desire to be trained in the Medical Missionary Field but was terrified by the thought of quitting their current jobs, going off somewhere and paying literally thousands of dollars for tuition, room and board and other logistical cost without any job, source of income or any other means of support. Yet, the burden to do God’s Work remained on their heart.

The Lord God of heaven has compelled me to combat, attack and resolve this problem, and by God’s Amazing Grace, that is exactly what I’m about to do.  Here is how the Course will operate.

Wait, wait just a minute; almost everyone that I know, think than they must possess great skills in our current health care system (actually, it’s really a sick care system) people believe that the Doctors and Nurses are the main characters in the Medical Missionary Work, that’s true!  That’s true in the current church sponsored system in operations right now, but I’m getting ready to set an explosive charge to that false concept and reveal God’s True Program.  If you have followed me this far, wonderful, now get ready for a Revelations From The Lord.  Read this next paragraph and digest it.

There is to be a sanitarium in Australia, and altogether new methods of treating the sick are to be practiced. Drug medication must be left out of the question if the human physician would receive the diploma written and issued in heaven. There are many physicians who will never receive this diploma unless they learn in the school of the great Physician. This means that they must unlearn and cast away the supposed wonderful knowledge of how to treat disease with poisonous drugs. They must go to God’s great laboratory of nature, and there learn the simplest methods of using the remedies which the Lord has furnished. When drugs are thrown aside, when fermented liquor of all kinds is discarded, when God’s remedies–sunshine, pure air, water, and good food–are used, there will be far fewer deaths and a far greater number of cures. {16MR 247.1}

Now, are you ready, now do you understand that The Lord God is not a respecter of persons and neither am I.  Whatever you have, just be willing to be willing to be used by Jesus; you’ve got a PhD great, you’ve got a GED fantastic; frankly, I can care less, with all that said, let’s get started.

The official name of the training course is: “The Medical Missionary Medic” Training Course. It will consist of listening/viewing/studying and understanding the 10 DVD’s and 10CD’s; review in great detail all workbooks and supportive materials. Be careful to take notes because these roadmaps will be what you take to the people, house to house and you will find that Jesus will lead you to many, many people dying for the help that you will be providing. Your notes will be most important when taking the open notes final exam required for completion.

Once you’ve listened and studied numerous times to each of the 10 DVD’s and 10 CD’s, you will be required to write to me and explain the basic protocols that you are now prepared to help people in their quest for wellness.  After completing this part, you will need to complete assignments in the Divine-Healing-Boot-Camp Training Manual; you will be required to study it with extreme care, demonstrate to me a level of basic understanding and I will rush to you your credentials and commission you to join the battlefield.

Monroe Trotter
Landline: 423-290-8680
Mobile: 423-615-0206

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How Do You Get Cancer?

Millions of people from all around the world ask themselves and others, “How do you get cancer?” According to very intelligent scientific and research minded individuals such as Col. Joe Hart and Ms. Jennifer Prescott, their answer is simple and the same; a lack of a therapeutic amount of Oxalic Acid in the body!

Colonel Joe Hart of Arkansas has been granted three patents for the application of oxalic acid for treatment of cancer, bacterial and viral infections, and vascular diseases. You may read text of his patent on-line:

Joe Hart’s websites is

Jennifer Prescott after her own investigation concluded that oxalic acid is the cure for cancer: “Research reveals there is one common denominator in the foods known as great antioxidants. They are all high in oxalic acid.”

“Oxalic acid is needed by our body for many functions…. and that is why Oxalic Acid is one of the main components in Divine Healing.1.358046103.768916

 The Divine Healing Boot-Camp Lifestyle program has always and will continue to recommend several glasses of raw vegetable juices daily; all of the successful Lifestyle Centers do the same.  However, the Divine Healing Boot-Camp Lifestyle Program personnel understands the sometimes difficult and costly approach to obtaining organic vegetables, cleaning and preparing them for juicing, buying a juicer and all of the cleanup work associated with juicing is sometimes overwhelming.

I know a man who loves The Lord and has a passion for herbs; he has compiled three herbal and or vegetable combinations that just might be the answer to prayer for those needing the Oxalic Acid benefits of juicing but would like to avoid all of the negative aspects of juicing that I mentioned above.  You’ll find these products just to the right of this page. 

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The Ultimate Blood Purifying Tea

The Ultimate Blood Purifying Tea being about 100 percent liquid is about 90 percent usable by the blood. These are some of God’s most powerful, yet simple herbs. Yellowdock contains plant based Oxalic Acid, with the herbs from the land and the ocean containing more than 92 minerals. It is the minerals that carry food into the cells and carry the waste out of the cells leaving them healthier and happier. This formula would be our first choice. Just put one rounded teaspoon per cup of Distilled or Reverse Osmoses Water (4 teaspoons per quart of water)(work up to 4 cups of tea a day). Bring water to a boil and turn off stove and let the tea steep (sit) for about one hour (60 minutes). Strain and enjoy!

4 oz. Tea $20 8 oz. Tea $30 1 lb. Tea $50

Contains: Yellowdock Root, Bladderwrack (kelp), Flax Seed, Anise Seed, Irish Moss, Stevia, Pau d’ Arco.

Great for the thyroid, balancing hormones for weight control, high in minerals for cancer, cleansing blood of abnormal cells, etc.

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The Ultimate Blood Purifying Powder Mix

The Ultimate Blood Purifying Powder Mix would be our second choice if you do not have time to make tea or on the road a lot. Spinach and Beet along with the Yellowdock contain Oxalic Acid. This formula also contains both land and ocean herbs containing more than 92 minerals. Just mix one rounded teaspoon (one level tablespoon) into about 4 ounces (half a glass) of Distilled or Reverse Osmosis Water. Let sit for about 10 minutes, mix again and enjoy! You may chase this with more liquid or juice.

Contains: Spinach, Beet, Irish moss (Kelp), Stevia, Yellowdock, Bladderwrack (Kelp), Fenugreek, Nettle and Vanilla.

8 oz. Powder $30

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The V-12 Vegetable Powder Mix

The V-12 Vegetable Powder Mix would be our choice to go a long with “The Ultimate Blood Purifying Tea”.  Spinach and Beet Powder containing Oxalic Acid with 10 other wonderful herbs that God created make this a wonderful tasting drink or topping to salad, etc. These very strong tasting herbs have been balanced with others to make them taste pleasant.  Drink additional water if desired.

Contains: Spinach, beet, bromelain (from the pineapple plant), peppermint, tumeric, cream of tartar (from grape), parsley leaf, asparagus, bladderwrack (kelp), chaparral, stevia, vanilla bean

8 oz. Drink Mix $30

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